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Week 98: White Christmas!

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Hi there!

This week was good. We had a white Christmas, with 8 inches of snow! So Christmas  morning we spent shoveling snow before going to church. It was cancelled for most of the stakes except for ours. I'm glad I got to go! I'll never willingly miss an opportunity to take the sacrament. I need that weekly.

After church, we came home and got to video call the fam and open up our gifts. Thanks to everyone who got me something or wrote me a letter! We spent the day after that at home playing games with other missionaries.

So we had a really fun weekend. And today was p-day as well, so I feel like I haven't worked in I'm ready to get back to work. The time is short!

The work was super slow this week trying to contact and teach people because of holiday preparations, but that should be other with now. So we're gonna hit it hard out here! We want to have a baptism before I leave.

Elder Clements is doing good. For a greenie, his Spanish is pretty good. He's been fun to be around and is working hard to be a great missionary.

All is well here, y'all! I hope you have a good week. I'm grateful this Christmas that I have an example to follow in life. Jesus showed us the way, and I want to follow His perfect example. I hope you'll choose to follow Him too. It's worth it.

Have a good one. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Elder Braeden Sandoval

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