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Week 99: Happy New Year!

Posted on January 8, 2017 at 5:20 PM

Happy New Year y'all!

So I'm working on My Plan, a little program for missionaries to do the last 6 weeks before they go home. This week I was supposed to think about where I want to be a year from today. So this week I've been thinking a lot about New Years' Resolutions and what I hope to accomplish in 2017. It's gonna be a big year. Just you wait.

My biggest goal for now is to finish my mission strong. There's still some people I need to reach, I'm sure of it. Please pray that we'll be lead to those people.

We had a surprise baptism this week! So this guy, Tim, was taught in Maryland by some missionaries and decided to be baptized. His girlfriend is a member and her parents live in our ward. They were coming here for the holidays, so they just decided to do the baptism here. So we had to figure out how to make that happen, but we got it all figured out right in time. It was a cool baptism.

We had interviews with President this week and he told us that the church is gonna change the missionary schedule a little bit soon, and asked us to go ahead and try it. The biggest thing is that there's no more nightly planning. Every night before we took 30 minutes to plan for the next day, but now we're supposed to just find down time throughout the day to take care of those things. It's been an interesting adjustment. But it's been cool. I like it.

This week was pretty productive. The work was slow the last few weeks with the holidays, but we've been getting more and more lessons. We have a guy in our ward, Victor, who's what some people call a "dry Mormon", in other words he acts like a member of the church and attends regularly, but has never been baptized. He called the Bishop this week to tell him he's decided to be baptized! So we've started to meet with him. He still has doubts about whether or not it's the right time, but he's willing to keep taking steps forward. We're super excited to tell the ward when we set a baptismal date. It will be a very happy day. Pray for Victor please y'all!

I appreciate your love and support! Thanks for praying for me and the people I'm teaching. Your prayers of faith matter and make a difference. I love you all! May God bless you as you make 2017 the best year of your lives.

Elder Braeden Sandoval

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